Our Story


DCL was born, in 2006, through the fellowship and creativity of its co-founders, Christopher Robinson and LaToya René Robertson who shared a common quest to achieve something great out of life. Originally, DCL debuted as R&R Enterprises, which stood for Robertson and Robinson. Due to the popularity of the R&R name, we quickly began brainstorming for a new name. From this process, DCL was born. In the beginning, DCL stood for Dream It! Create It! Love It! and functioned as a multimedia company specialized in combining our talents, music production (LaToya René), and graphic design (Christopher). After the company’s rebirth, the DCL was shortened to Dream. Create. Love. To signify, the rebirth of its co-founders and to fully express the true essence of what DCL is today. Today, DCL is a lifestyle brand created to enrich, encourage, and educate individuals to dream the impossible, to create the best version of themselves, and to love and uplift themselves as they journey through the ups and downs of life.

“Dare to Dream, Create

the possible, and Love
the journey.”

Over time, life had beaten both Christopher and LaToya René down a bit, but through all the hardship DCL remained. Even though, Christopher’s life circumstances caused him to halt as he restructured his life. The other half of DCL, LaToya René, fought to carry DCL through the struggles with music, where she founded DCL Studios as the pulse to keep DCL alive during our time of struggle. Before the complications of our lives, we hadn’t lived life; we did not have a message, we had no defined meaning, no real purpose, aside from a dream of changing our life circumstances. As we matured, our message started taking shape, new meaning was given to our lives, and new purpose presented itself for us and DCL, because of this, DCL was reborn.  Just as DCL was reborn, we were reborn too. At this moment, we were able to see how our resourcefulness, creativity, and our constant fellowship helped us to triumph through our life struggles. For the first time, in our young adult lives, we realized our worth, and that we are indeed good enough, strong enough, and worthy enough to excel in life. We no longer were victims of meager beginnings, false starts, failures, and circumstances.

"EMPOWER people to show them that they are good enough and that they too can be triumphant in life"

With DCL, we hope to empower people to show them that they are good enough and that they too can be triumphant in life. They may have to be creative, resourceful, and maybe they have to be reborn. We experienced hardships, and they knocked us down, but most people never get back up. We did. What we are doing is showing people that you can get up if you’ve been knocked down. Even if you haven’t been knocked down, and you are just on the ground because that’s where life put you. We can show you that you can get up and that there are possibilities beyond the ground floor.


DCL believes in simplicity. Our goal is to create simple easy to use tools and resources to help aid people in areas where there could be a gap in knowledge or researching skills. DCL's goal is to offer solutions to help simplify various areas of life such as organization, procrastination, self-worth, overcoming adversity, college preparation, complacency, financial literacy, and motivation deficiency. Everyone needs a little nudge every now and again. DCL wants to be the nudge to get people motivated and moving in a positive direction. DCL wants to challenge people to move from mediocrity to greatness.

"Challenge people to move from mediocrity to GREATNESS"

DCL plans to achieve this through various outlets such as music, education, public speaking, life coaching, books, presentations, short videos, documentaries, social media, and merchandising which all will supports the brand’s message of positivity and “You are not alone” message. DCL’s motto is “Dare to Dream, Create the possible, and Love the journey.” Let DCL help you become the best version of you!